Become a wall-running Ronin in this new Cyberpunk Roguelite developed by Godmode Interactive

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Enter New Tokyo of 2072

Ronin 2072 is a Cyberpunk Roguelite based in a neo-Tokyo city called 'The Layered City' focused on fluid free-form movement and combat, you're a masterless samurai turned assassin taking on contracts to wipe out the city's impurity.


Ronin 2072 fulfills the expectations of any roguelite- permadeath, randomized contracts, progression and more. A difficulty system is also put in place so new players can enjoy the game while veterans can continue to improve and challenge themselves.

Customizable Ronin

Loot modifications, abilities and weapons to aid you in your contracts, combine different modifications for different playstyles. Ronin cosmetic customization is also coming soon!

Different Ways to Play

The world is designed in such a way that it gives you freedom to take on contracts in different ways; choose to stealth past enemies and only take on your contract, or go in guns blazing, defeating any enemy in your path.

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